Traffic Control Management

Traffic Systems
Control of the flow and speed of traffic is mandatory on most roadway projects. AIRX drafts traffic control plans, pull permits, sets up and maintains traffic control equipment on its job sites for the safety of its employees and the public.

Utility Mapping

Utility Locating
Utility maps are created after record drawings have been acquired and field locating has been performed. These drawings have alignments and can have material, sizes, and appurtenances listed. They are the deliverable of a SUE survey often accompanied by pothole depth information.

Vacuum Excavation

Hydrovac & Airvac
Vacuum trucks provide a greater level of protection for subsurface utilities and result in far less surface damage than a backhoe. AIRX does do hydro and air excavation and has permission to use hydro excavation on most utilities.


Utility Test Hole Digging
Potholing is the practice of digging a test hole to expose underground utilities to ascertain the horizontal and vertical location of the facility.


Trenching in areas of high utility density or environmental sensitivity is often best performed by vacuum. Here a narrow exploratory trench exposes a number of utilities safely next to a railway station. The work is fast, clean, and effective.

Hot Patch

Hot Mix Asphalt
Paved roadways are generally asphalt, concrete, or asphalt over concrete, and usually cap a Class II base material. This comprises the Structural Section of a roadway. AIRX crews are very familiar with rebuilding the structural section after potholing or trenching.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We DO NOT have services that work with home improvement projects. If you are looking to do work on your home or on a private property that is small in scope we wish you well in your search for a general contractor or utility mapping service company that operates in the Home Improvement market.