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We are a leading company in the Subsurface Utility Engineering field and are proud that we provide specific solutions for every client.

Gail McMorran has been the leading force behind AirX Utility Surveyors for over 12 years. Her Background in Heavy Equipment, Civil Construction, & Accounting was the perfect fit for AirX. 


Gail McMorran

President & CEO

AIRX Utility Surveyors take pride in providing the most accurate and conceptually clear depictions of what is occurring in the subsurface.

The interpretation of what lies beneath our feet is the essence of our business, and we give it a top priority.

Although SUE Services were known on the east coast, this technology was relatively new in Southern California twenty-two years ago.

AirX Utility Surveyors is considered a pioneer in the industry on the west coast and is today one of California's “SUE” technology leaders.

Managed by registered civil engineers, and general engineering contractors, AIRX combines AutoCAD, with utility research, utility locating, vacuum excavation, and related services.

This approach provides the most practical and efficient means to research, locate, survey, and manage data and properly verify the exact horizontal and vertical positioning of existing underground facilities.

Our One-Stop approach allows clients to utilize services that can be tailored to meet their specific needs.
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Utility Locating Services

A tangle of pipes, encasements, conduits, and wiring lies just beneath the surface. AirX can make sense of it all by locating and identifying these underground utilities. We have been doing this for over 19 years, and we’re good at it. Staffed by engineers, contractors, managers, locators, and potholers with over 50 years of trade experience.

Innovative Services for SUE & Construction Projects throughout California